Evening of Worship
When you ask the question; "What is worship?" you get a wide range of answers.  For Don & Shirl the highest form of worship is a yielded life to Jesus Christ.  Your relationship to Him or lack there-of is the premise from which everything flows out of your life.  The Evening of Worship is designed to bring people into His presence through a combination of inspirational and contemporary worship music.  The use of media to help communicate the message of the songs is a key component to these events.  The goal is to challenge every person to worship out of a yielded heart.  To do so moves worship beyond an emotional high and into relationship with Christ.  The focus must be away from self and on Him!  Moments of intimate worship both corporately and privately are necessary as we live out the message to our world.
It's always a special highlight when Mandy Lane from Newark, OH is able to join Don and Shirl to create beautiful 3-part harmony during the evening of worship.  If your church is interested in scheduling such an event please click "CONTACT" on the menu bar.