Consulting Services

Periodically a phrase I hear is "It's only a fad...give it time and something else will replace it."  While many changes in the church are motivated by a fad mentally, one thing is certain; technology has forever changed the culture of church in so many ways.  Computers and the internet now make it possible for small and medium size churches to enjoy what was once relegated to only large churches or churches with financial means to pay for such services.

With resources now so accessible a new set of issues plague the small to medium size church.  Finding individuals who understand the wide range of software tools and/or how to appropriately integrate such into the day to day operations can be a huge challenge. One of the most rewarding aspects for Gessner Ministries is consulting services to churches that find themselves in such a place.  Consulting areas include audio/visual, worship design, operational structures, and life-style evangelism to your neighbors.

Please use the "CONTACT" button in the menu bar if you would like us to come along side you to help implement some of the components that are so important in the growing aspect of your church.